What is Life Instants?

Hello! I’m Ray Vüilsen and at Life Instants we share our love of travel and photography skills with small groups far off the beaten tracks. We go to some of the most beautiful regions in the world (scroll down) while our travelers get a crash photography course for all levels.


If you care about having a memorable human, responsible and aware travel experience, come with us and you will find a way to genuinely connect with nature and people!


Upcoming Trips

00 mada MAIN.jpg

22nd July – 31st July 2020

Photo Adventure

Endemic Wildlife – Tropical Beaches – Gastronomy – Culture

00 newzealand MAIN.jpg
New Zealand

27th Nov – 7th Dec 2020

Photo Roadtrip

Scenic Drives – Alpine Hikes – Lakes & Glaciers – Wildlife

00 lapland MAIN.jpg
Lapland Aurora

16th  Sep – 20th Sep 2020

Photo Retreat

Northern Lights – Fjord Hikes – Kayak – Sea Life – Nordic Lodge

00 laplandski MAIN.jpg
Lapland Ski

8th March – 14th March  2021

Photo Retreat

Ski Touring – Northern Lights – Fjords – Sea Life – Culture

00 peru MAIN.jpg

30th Oct – 8th Nov 2020

Photo Adventure

Ancient Cultures – Desert Camp – Andean Treks – Fusion Gastronomy

00 srilanka MAIN.jpg
Sri Lanka

2nd April – 12th April 2021

Photo Adventure

Tropical Beaches – Wildlife Walks – Gastronomy – Culture

Trips on Request

00 andorra MAIN.jpg
Andorra Hike

Flexible Dates

Photo Retreat


Mountain Hikes – Ski – Nature Connection – Rural House

00 catalunya MAIN.jpg

Flexible Dates

Photo Adventure


Secret Coves – Remote Treks – Canyon Kayak – Local Gastronomy

00 brazil MAIN.jpg

Flexible Dates

Photo Adventure


Rio de Janeiro – Tropical Beaches – Colonial Towns – Jungle Islands

00 greece MAIN.jpg
Greece Sail

Flexible Dates

Photo Adventure


Sail – Secret Bays – Swim & Snorkel – Ancient Cultures

00 caribbean MAIN.jpg
Caribbean Sail

Flexible Dates

Photo Adventure


Sail – Island Exploration – Tropical Walks – Untouched Beaches

00 papua MAIN.jpg

Flexible Dates

Photo Adventure


Jungle Islands – Dive & Snorkel – Wildlife –  Simple Life

Anything. Anywhere. Anytime.

This is a great opportunity to make the most of your time by discovering amazing places in a unique and authentic way. We can go on the best trip for you based on what you want to experience and which region you dream of exploring.

What makes us Unique?

  • Safe & Small groups (3 to 8)

  • Connect with local people

  • Flexible travel: feel free

  • Far off the beaten tracks

  • Crash 30h Photography course for all levels

  • Responsible & Authentic experiences

  • Transparent & Fair pricing

  • International open minded crowd

  • Have an Impact, leave no trace


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Travelers say...

"Much more than a trip or a photo workshop! Life Instants is a holistic experience of discovering new places and people, living adventures, and learning how to capture what you see and feel with your camera. Will definitely do it again and again!"


Diana P. (Romania)

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