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Hello! I’m Ray Vüilsen and I share my love of travel and photography skills with small groups far off the beaten track. We go to the most beautiful regions in the world while our travelers get a crash photography course tailored to individual needs, whether beginner or advanced (visit my Instagram). If you care about having a memorable, responsible and aware travel experience, come with us and you will find a way to genuinely connect with local people and nature!

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Life Instants Photography Adventure Travel Unique Camp Milky Way
  • Safe & Small groups (3 to 8)

  • Connect with local people

  • Flexible travel: feel free

  • Far off the beaten tracks

  • Crash 30h Photography course for all levels

  • Responsible & Authentic experiences

  • Transparent & Fair pricing

  • International open minded crowd

  • Have an Impact, leave no trace

Life Instants Photography Adventure Travel Aurora Northern Lights

As you guessed, photography is an awesome tool to make this experience even more powerful! All through the travel, I’m going to teach you how to make amazing photos and create meaningful stories, no matter how experienced you are or how expensive your camera is. From a luminous sunset to a colorful chameleon, from an inspiring portrait to a shooting star.

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Travelers say...

"Much more than a trip or a photo workshop! Life Instants is a holistic experience of discovering new places and people, living adventures, and learning how to capture what you see and feel with your camera. Will definitely do it again and again!"


Diana P. (Romania)

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