• Ray Vüilsen

Travel with a Purpose

Updated: May 23, 2020

Travel connects us with new people, cultures, landscapes. New thoughts and questions. So, why do you travel? Beyond going from A to B, traveling is a great chance to become part of a new environment, aware and present in your experience.

Travel with a purpose. Travel to learn. But also to share. Learn through photography, share by supporting projects and communities that value their environment and traditions and work hard to preserve them. Bring back home a memory, a message, a story and start acting accordingly.

Life Instants is all about this, supporting Linorio in the Peruvian Amazon with his community project that has been successful in re-introducing the Taricaya turtle while employing locals with worthy jobs and structuring a management group to protect the area from poaching and deforestation.

Or understanding the challenges in Sri Lanka, where wild elephants are threatened by hunters, demographic growth and unplanned infrastructure development.

Rediscover the world through a new lens. Rediscover yourself in the process. Next time you go on a trip, ask yourself: "Why"? Travel will teach you a lot, but never forget to give back.

What are your motivations and thoughts when you travel? Comment below!