Pyrenees CoWork

20 - 26 May 2022
875€ pp + get there

7 days

6 to 8 coworkers

Nature Connection – Reenergize & Focus – Photo Course – Healthy Food


Are you able to work remotely or live as a digital nomad? What about combining it with outdoor activities such as hiking in nature, building and improving your photo skills, exchanging with new cultures and enjoying healthy food? Do you want to get inspired by stunning places while working on your projects and getting to know fun and interesting people?

What's included?

Stunning secluded accommodation
Outdoor activities for all levels
Photo course and practice for all levels

Healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner

Indoor and outdoor working spaces

Good WiFi (8Mbps)

What's the plan?

Friday: Arrive

Sat - Wed : CoWork, outdoor activities & photo course

Thursday : Depart

About the accommodation

Situated in an Andorran UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Discover it after a 25min forest walk from a small town

Double occupancy in comfort tents (twin or double beds)

Tents equipped with a private bathroom

Comfortable living and coworking space

Unparalleled views & away from human noise

About the activities

Forest walks and jogs & mushroom hunting

Lake hikes (dare to swim!)

High mountain peak climbs (~2800m)

Wildcamp or stay at a mountain shelter (bring material)

Mountain, electric or downhill bike trips (rent material)

About the photo course

Tailored to individual needs, beginner or advanced

Crash foundations session

Landscape, wildlife, portrait and night photography

Workflow and post-processing

Who's joining?

The best part of the travel is meeting fun and interesting people coming from all over the world. People ready to share and explore. People you will probably keep in touch with after the trip. That’s why we pay special attention at the selection process to ensure teams have similar interests and affinities. Thus, previous to the travel experience, we shortly interview applicants to build teams and make the best experience for you. Don’t worry, it’s really easy ;)

Trip details & CoWork

Andorra CoWork & Photo Retreat Dates: 20-26 May 2022 Duration: 7 days Group: 6 to 8 coworkers Price & Inclusions: 875€ per person + get there (see "how to get there" below), includes a stunning secluded accommodation, outdoor activities for all levels (material excluded), photo course and practice for all levels, healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner, indoor and outdoor working spaces, good WiFi (8Mbps) and a bunch of fun and interesting people Accommodation: Situated in an Andorran UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, discover it after a 25min forest walk from a small town, double occupancy in comfort tents (twin or double beds), tents equipped with a private bathroom, comfortable living and coworking space, unparalleled views and away from human noise Activities: Forest walks and jogs & mushroom hunting, lake hikes (dare to swim!), high mountain peak climbs (~2800m), wildcamp or stay at a mountain shelter (bring material) and road, electric, mountain or downhill bike trips (rent material)

Photo course: Tailored to individual needs, whether beginner or advanced, crash foundations session, landscape, wildlife, portrait and night photography tips and workflow and post-processing talks


I'm a beginner in photography. Can I join? Absolutely! This is about meeting interesting people and exploring places through a new lens. Beginner or pro, it doesn't matter. The only requirement is to be motivated and interested in photography. Check my Instagram to find out more about my pictures. I like to be flexible. Is this for me? Good news, this is not an organized tour. I have been to this destination before and the suggested location allows us to make the most of our days. I will be giving you options constantly and you are free to decide what you do every day. I'm excited! How can I join now? Easy! Fill in the quick form below and we will have a short conversation. We take selection very seriously to build international teams which have similar interests and affinities so you get the best experience!

Who am I?

Hello! I’m Ray Vüilsen and I share my travel and photography skills with small groups (3-8 international participants) far off the beaten tracks. We go to the most beautiful regions in the world, while you get a crash photography course for all levels (visit my Instagram). I like authentic experiences to understand local culture and to learn and exchange with them. I like to be creative, to deal with the unexpected and have fun with it. Together we explore secret natural locations away from tourists and we enjoy and are grateful for this privilege. We care for the environment and the development of local communities. We meet extraordinary local people and take unbeaten paths. We share and learn. We live.


My concept of travelling is far away from the classical one. It’s much more close to how friends (good friends!) would travel: I have a plan and I suggest many options for activities, accommodation and restaurants, but you choose and make the decisions. This makes each trip a different and unique experience. As you guessed, photography is an awesome tool to make this experience even more powerful! All through the travel, I’m going to teach you how to make amazing photos and create meaningful stories, no matter how experienced you are or how expensive is your camera. From a luminous sunset to a colorful chameleon, from an inspiring portrait to a shooting star. In the last 10 years, I have explored with groups of 4 to 8 people really cool places such as Peru, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, the Caribbean, Lapland, Brazil and Greece... and many others! I love meeting different people to have a good time together and enjoy life. And I also care about where we go and who we meet, looking for an impact but leaving no trace.

Travelers say...

Diana P., Romania - "Much more than a trip or a photo workshop! Life Instants is a holistic experience of discovering new places and people, living adventures, and learning how to capture what you see and feel with your camera. Will definitely do it again and again!" Cynthia W., Germany – "In the spirit of trying to reconnect with the craft, I signed up for a photography trip to Sri Lanka, led by Ray Vüilsen! And it was absolutely amazing! If you're looking for a way to re-engage with photography, start from scratch, or just travel with a bunch of fun people, check out Life Instants - Travel & Photography for incredible independent travel (...)" Sarah M., France – "Epic trip combining both discovery and daily awe. Your photography level doesn't matter, Ray will make sure to give you personalized tips to improve at your own pace."

Why Life Instants?

What makes us Unique? - Safe & Small groups (3 to 8) - Connect with local people - Flexible travel: feel free - Far off the beaten tracks - Crash Photography course for all levels - Responsible & Authentic experiences - Transparent & Fair pricing - International open minded crowd - Have an Impact, leave no trace

How to get there?

Ordino can be reached by bus (3h30) from both Barcelona and Toulouse. Just take a bus to Andorra la Vella (Estació Nacional d'Autobusos) and change to bus L6 to Ordino. You can also rent a car (3h) for increased flexibility and activity choice. Please let us know if you would like to share your car with other coworkers or if you rather join an existing one.


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